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WE 2.0: The Way To Success

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With our third round of financing getting underway this September along with the conference season ramping up, I decided that it was time to update my WE presentation, which dates back to 2005. This time around, I took a markedly different approach: I let someone else take the lead. The result: A better, prettier presentation with messaging that’s as clear as “black and white.” See for yourself:

Me to WE: How to SCORE in a Social World

View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: smarter we)

Alexa Scordato (@alexa on Twitter), is my social media associate at Mzinga. She’s been with me for nearly 60 days and has been fully indoctrinated with the world of WE. Given her enthusiasm and knowledge of Web 2.0, I was convinced that she had a better vision than I did about what “WE 2.0″ should look like and what messages it should convey. Alexa, inspired by the “Meet Henry” deck she saw on SlideShare, created the new presentation that I believe will resonate with investors and business customers alike. In fact, we have already used versions of this presentation at the Canacord Adam’s Investor conference and Ciena‘s community launch event. In keeping with one of the key principles of “WE” – CO –CREATE with your community – Alexa has done a nice job building upon the foundation I created more than 4 years ago.

WE are looking for YOU to add to WE. Think you have what it takes to make a great power point presentation? One that will help us tell our WE story? In keeping with the spirit of the book, “We Are Smarter than Me” where 4500+ individuals contributed to the book’s content, we’re looking to make the ultimate collection of WE presentations.

Help us help you tell your WE story for a chance to win $1,000!

Maybe you’re working on a new community-based project or have started a company blog. Maybe you have some additional advice about how to “SCORE” in the enterprise. Maybe there are two people who need to “meet” each other and you need to explain why. Maybe you’re just looking to introduce yourself because you have an inspiring story to share. Either way, we’re looking for presentations that showcase any combination of community, creativity, corporate advice, and/or individual spirit and inspiration.

Official Rules will be posted on Monday, Sept. 15! Stay tuned for more info.

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