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Risk Blocks

Do You Know Your Risk Profile?

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Is your business underperforming? Are you taking too much risk without realizing it? Are you generating lower returns than you would like? Take this simple survey and find out how social, mobile and cloud technologies are impacting your decisions and financial results.

OpenMatters, together with The Conference Board, the publisher of the Leading Bureau of Indicators is sponsoring this study.

Why now you ask?

Research from large consulting firms like Mckinsey, PWC and Deloitte indicate that most boards, leaders and managers are ill equipped to deal with today’s digital realities. Companies like Best Buy, Kodak, and Borders. along with many more., are not aligning their investment decisions with those of their customers, employees and investors requirements. The result, they are underperforming their own expectations and are falling prey to new companies – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google and Apple – as they fall further behind the times.

Learn where you stand in understanding your social risk profile and what you can do about when we publish the results from this survey.

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