Networks Create Massive Value Don't believe us? Just ask Airbnb and Uber

There Are Four Business Models


Asset Builders

Asset Builders manufacture and sell physical things. Examples include Ford and Walmart.


Service Providers

Service Providers train employees to provide services. Examples include Accenture and JPMorgan Chase.


Technology Creators

Technology Creators develop valuable intellectual property. Examples include Microsoft and Pfizer.


Network Orchestrators

Network Orchestrators facilitate connections among a network. Examples include Facebook and eBay,


Business Models Perform Differently

IP based Business Models like Network Orchestrators & Technology Creators operate more profitably, grow faster and earn higher valuations



Business Models Cut Across All Industries

Industry designations are becoming obsolete as technology allows companies to break traditional boundaries


Our machine learning algorithm uncovers hidden value

We use machine learning and predictive analytics to identify business models and their performance trajectories