Networks Create Massive Value Don't believe us? Just ask Airbnb and Uber

We Use Machine Learning To Quantify Value


There Are 5 Types Of Capital

All businesses use physical, financial, human, intellectual and customer assets (aka capital) to create value.



Leaders Allocate Capital to Drive Value

Companies invest $640 billion a year in assets. Intangible assets, like intellectual and customer capital, drive value.


Portfolios of Assets Determine Business Models

There are 4 Primary Business Model Tyles


Asset Builders

Asset Builders manufacture and sell physical things. Examples include Ford and Walmart.


Technology Creators

Technology Creators develop valuable intellectual property. Examples include Microsoft and Pfizer.


Service Providers

Service Providers sell people's time and effort.  Examples are Accenture and United HealthCare.


Network Orchestrators

Network Orchestrators facilitate connections among a network. Examples are Facebook and eBay.


Business Models Perform Differently

Intangible Assets based Business Models (like Network Orchestrators & Technology Creators) are more profitable and valuable.



Business Models Cut Across all Industries

Digital Platforms and Networks make vertical industry designations less relevant and reliable for comparison and classification. 


We developed a Universal Value Score (UVS) 

FICO is the standard of credit.  Net Promoter Score (NPS) is the standard for Brands.  UVS is the new standard for value. 

UVS Gauge.jpg