About us

After 30 years of doing strategic consulting, I realized that the same questions were being asked by my boards and leaders that were asked when I joined Mckinsey in the late 1970’s:

1. What strategies are the most valuable

2. Where should I invest my firm’s capital

3. How should I monetize the businesses I have

In essence, they were asking me – where’s the money in the market – or better said, show me the money.

I was shocked to realize that consultants hadn’t kept track where they money or where it was going. What business models were the most valuable and least valuable; or what leadership skills were necessary to compete in a world where billion dollar start ups and trillion dollar incumbents were eating the world alive.

In the day and age of platforms, networks and AI powered firms like Netflix, Amazon and Alphabet, consultants have not evolved. They were still offering services like they did when I joined in 1978.

As a result, OpenMatters was built – an AI powered platform that brings the capabilities of Wealthfront and Betterment to the corporate world. Our vision, to transform the $250 billion professional services market in partnership with the leading consulting firms using today’s most advanced technologies and data.


Our Founders

Barry Libert

Chairman, CEO and Chief Robo

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Megan Beck

Chief Product Officer and AI Machine

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Strategic Advisors and Board Members

Vivian Polikar

Our analyst that speaks ML

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Nathan Klarer

Chief Techlonogy Officer (PT)

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Kat Gordiienko

Makes data tell stories

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Tom Davenport

A True Robo Expert

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Cailin D’Arcy

Social media director

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