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  • The authors of The Network Imperative do a great job of laying out the competitive advantages of network-based organizations operating in the open-platform digital world and how they will impact every industry. The authors explain the rationale behind the network business model—its value creation as well as its tendency toward exponential growth.
    — SAUL BERMAN, Vice President and Chief Strategist, IBM Global Business Services
  • “Today’s management education is focused on the firm. It is clear that networks like Uber, Airbnb, and Amazon require us to rethink management education if our future leaders are to have any chance of survival and growth. The Network Imperative is a must-read for all business, public policy, and academic leaders—today’s and tomorrow’s.”
    — DAVID C. SCHMITTLEIN, John C. Head III Dean, MIT Sloan School of Management
  • “For organizations serving those most in need, I believe that digital networks— which are tearing down the traditional confi nes of geographic barriers—have the potential to increase our impact by ten or even a hundred times. Th ere is no limit, which this book brilliantly demonstrates.”
    — TERRI LUDWIG, President and CEO, Enterprise Community Partners
  • “Get ready for a future in which everyone and everything are digitally connected, marginal costs approach zero, and openness to the ideas and assets that exist around the organization matter more than sheer scale. The successful firms of the future will embrace the principles for creating network value found in this prescient book.”
    — GEORGE DAY, Geoffrey T. Boisi Professor, Emeritus, the Wharton School